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Project Needs in Construction

Project Needs in Construction Construction Methodology Construction Method Statement The Work comprises of construction of New Media Center at Tauranga. Construction work includes site setting up, foundation, piles, concrete work, furniture work, roofing system, brickwork, internal and external wall, doors and windows and ceiling. Delivering new facilities include: Excavation for sub-structure Use machinery for super structure Plumbing and electric fitting The building will have two kitchens, offices, boardroom, meeting rooms, studios, store and car park. The challenges for the development team that are specific to the present project are known as:            Operating safely inside a live setting.            Guaranteeing the maintained existing building is secure and weather tight.            Achieving the standard of construction and craft needed to grasp the Projects style idea and to fulfill the Clients aspirations.            Coordinative and liaising with the shopper throughout the Project to attain the completion date. General Construction methodology starts after getting the project. We have enclosed our intensions and management process of the construction work. We have tried to show all the main stages of the construction work. Planning and Program Construction program management has been made on the computer based software Microsoft project. We have prepared the Gantt chart to reduce and link the task with each other. The chart will be updated regularly as project progresses. So, time can be reduced. Program has been submitted to all the related parties. We have also prepared key dates for the important project work and will try to follow that schedule. Pre-Start Investigation Before starting the work, site will be checked and site layout will be prepared. We will level the site as per the need of the work. Plotting will be made on the ground as per the plan. We will also check the Soil bearing capacity. Also, it is necessary to check the surrounding environment. After all that work construction work will start. Security and Site Establishment Create a job security system before starting the construction work. Spread security awareness among the workers. Contact local police and fire department before commencement of work. Identify the assets and property on-site and track them regularly. Secure perimeter with fencing as first line of defense. Find the suitable place to keep different materials on site so that it cannot get mixed up and work can go easier. Lock up materials, secure vehicles and equipment and install hidden kill switches to disable ignitions. Make the door to prevent unauthorized entry. Assign 24/7 security guard. Also install CCTV wherever necessary. Personal All persons, including works and engineers should gain access to the site prior. And they should maintain basic site rules. Site access and deliveries When any delivery come check before it enters the site, if there is hazardous thing or not. Check the ID of driver and vehicle number as well. Signage Suitable signage should be installed for the safety of workers and the general public around. This may include: Speed Limit Accommodation Danger ahead Report to manager First aid Go slow No entry without permission Toilets Movement and hoisting of materials Vehicle movement of vehicles on site will require permission. Materials should be staked and store in a particular way so good handling of material is possible. Material will be order minimum so no congestion on site will occur. Waste Management While planning of the project waste removal strategies will be discussed. It will be discussed within all the sub-contractors. We propose that waste should be removed from the site on a regular basis and that will be the responsibility of all the contractors related to that type of waste. All sub-contractors will be required to transport and deposit their rubbish by themselves regularly. Site Waste Management Plans (SWMPs) are also necessary. We will try to recycle the materials more and more. Safety Safety on the site is very necessary. All workers will wear safety jackets and helmets. Without safety accessories, no worker will be allowed on site. Safety inspections will also be done on a regular basis. Noise control We try to minimize the noise as possible. On construction sites so many activities are going on parallel. Machines are very huge and makes so much noise, but we will maintain to keep noise below the highest level. Ask environment officers to check the level of noise. Temporary Services Some temporary services are necessary for any construction site Some are listed below which we are going to have on site. Toilets (Male/ Female) Contractors office Entry gate Fencing Meeting room Electricity provision Phone and internet Water provision Etc. Site Layout Construction General Our tender program shows our timing and order of operations necessary to achieve project completion. Starting Work Before starting of the project works, the preliminary site and people safety will take place. For all the work packages, specialized sub-contractors will be appointed. The Contractors offices and welfare facilities will be set up within the site. The temporary fencing, CCTV, Gates are erected round the site before work commences and maintained throughout the Project. Separate site vehicle and pedestrian gates will be provided in the contractors site space. Works related to provide a   new electrical sub-station are scheduled   early within the program to make sure an adequate supply for the new facilities. Temporary borewell or tanker facility will be provided for water need of the site. Kitchen with necessary equipment and facility will be provided in the temporary office. Sub-Structure Excavation of the concrete bases and piles will be undertaken by excavators. The excavation and installation of drainage between the foundations will be done once the wooden pile has been erected. Around that the concrete work will be done. Envelope The roof will commence by putting the roof steel sheet over the rafters. Rafters will be installed over the lintel. Super Structure Load bearing walls will be erected on the floor level. Walls will be weather tight. Insulation will be provided between two plywood sheets. Lintels will be done above the walls. Stairs will be also constructed as per design. There will be also a fireplace with chimney constructed with concrete and brickwork. Mechanical / Electrical Services A detailed installation and delivery schedule will be prepared by the Mechanical and Electrical contractor, as per the structural engineers construction drawings. The high-level pipework above ceiling level will be installed. Installation of light fittings, smoke detectors and fire alarm systems will be coordinated with the ceiling works. Key dates for power and water providing to be offered at intervals the building are known on the program. After installation, special team will test all the services and client will be shown the test results. Handover Temporary items used for fitting will be removed after the installation of all fixtures and fittings. During last two weeks of construction period building will be handed over to the client. Before final hand over each and every room will be cleaned and inspected. The site offices and compound fencing will be also removed during the last two weeks of the project. Temporary site services like offices and telephone line and water connection will be terminated. External Works After construction of main building signage, carpark and cleaning will be done outside the building. For car park, there will be concrete work and kerbs will be also there. All the signage will be put and information board will be also there after the building completes. Post Contract support We will take care of the building during the warranty period as discussed before. If something happens to the building during this time we will maintain it. A special person will also be appointed during this contract period to take care of the building. You can contact him directly if you need some help. Protect the Completed Works The sub-contractors can need to shield all materials and instrumentality to the satisfaction folks. to prevent harm from rain and sun, building activities, or the other cause some throughout the progress of the sub-contract works and till the completion of the Project. Before beginning what level of and the way abundant protection required are mentioned between all the parties. we are going to track and maintain the protection work done by all sub-contractors. Quality and safety are mentioned thoroughly altogether the conferences thus we are able to make sure its as per the contract. Before relinquishing the work we are going to do final examination and checkout to urge 0 defects in construction work for consumer satisfaction. Building drawings, completion time and operation and maintenance manuals are ready and issued to the Contract Administrator, before completion of the works. The followings will be discussed at each internal site meeting; The standing and progress recorded against the contract program Current updated Construction Program with, if necessary, actions for transportation works in line with the development program Weekly labor and plant returns. A rolling schedule of approvals of all styles, particularization and Materials nonetheless to be approved. This schedule is going to be updated on a weekly basis. A schedule of materials and comes factory-made off site, with standings of share factory-made and anticipated delivery dates. CONCLUSION The above methodology statement has been created specifically to demonstrate my understanding of the project needs and therefore the careful methodology needed to hold out a project of this nature. Its not, but all-encompassing and before the commencement of every stage or part of the development work.

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