Monday, September 16, 2019

Ap World Ccot on China

CCOT From 100 C. E to 1000 C. E there were many changes along with continuities in the political and cultural life of the Chinese peoples. For example a big change in the political life of China was a series of nomadic invasions. A large continuity in bureaucracy may have changed just a little bit but it was always present in China. Through its history a big continuity in Chinese culture could be Confucianism. Even though Confucianism does not disappear, Buddhism becomes very popular when the Han Dynasty collapses and nomadic tribes invade offering hope in light of chaos.There were many changes in political history of China. A large change was the nomadic invasions of China. It caused the Han Dynasty to collapse and endless wars. It also gave women more rights because Buddhism brought better living conditions for women and believed women were as equal parts, which let Buddhism spread. Bureaucracy was a large continuity in Chinese political life. Many emperors lived under a bureaucrac y, which in turn meant that people under the emperor’s rule dealt with bureaucracy.In 220 C. E, when the nomadic peoples were invading China, and endless wars led the collapse of the Han Dynasty, the concept of Confucianism does not agree with chaos the Chinese looked to Buddhism that â€Å"offers hope in the light of chaos† although Confucianism does not disappear the expansion of Buddhism in Chinese culture is a big change. Confucianism was very popular throughout Chinese history. It is still practiced today and will continue to be practiced.Confucianism has set rules and roles for everyone in Chinese society because Confucius saw people getting along by being content with the roles they played in society. Its rules and roles did not go very well in chaos, which is why Buddhism became very popular in 220 C. E. Even though Confucianism lost power it still remained in many Chinese households. Continuities and changes are inevitable in Chinese history whether it be cult urally or politically. Buddhism and nomadic invasions were large changes, but Confucianism will always be in the Chinese culture and bureaucracy will also be a big continuity.

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