Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Isabellas Accusations in Measure for Measure by Shakespeare :: essays research papers

Near the end of all plays there is the climax, the part of the play where all the action comes together, the most important part of the play. Near the end of Measure for Measure, Isabella confronts Angelo in front of the Duke. This is the climax of the play. Although there are many important parts in Measure for Measure, by William Shakespearem, Isabella's accusations of Angelo is the most important because of the language used, the charactor development that comes out, and the emphasis of the plays themes. Shakespeare is famous for his ability with words, and this short passage is no exception. In iambic pentameter, this passage consists of Isabella telling the Duke about Angelo's inappropriate actions towards her. In current english the lines translate to Isabella saying that she is not insane and that although Angelo may seem to be innocent and perfect, the Duke must look past that to see the truth. She asks the Duke to believe that Angelo can actually be a bad person. When the Duke calls her insane once again, Isabella asks him to look past what appears to be the truth, and find what is actually the truth. Isabella changes a lot throughout the play, but it all becomes more evident in this short passage. She finally sticks up for herself, by telling people about what Angelo attempted to do to her. Her way of talking changes as she feels more and more helpless. The Duke not beleiving her is a huge blow to her arguement, as it is ultimatly the Dukes decision on what to beleive. She becomes more and more desperate as she feels more and more helpless. At the start of the passage she is confident, explaining to the Duke that Angelo is not as perfect as everyone thinks. In the second part of the passage Isabella seems to be begging with the Duke to beleive her, asking him to "harp not on that", talking about how the Duke believes she is insane. This passage emphasizes the major theme of the play, justice. The whole passage is about Isabella trying to create justice. Angelo did something wrong, and therefore should be punished for it. The whole issue that Isabella is fighting for is about justice. She beleives her brother was executed for something that should not be considered wrong.

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