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Recrystallization of Acetanilide Using Water as Solvent Essay

Dynamic Recrystallization is a procedure used to filter natural solids. This strategy includes dissolving of a solute in a dissolvable and affecting the solute to create a hasten from an answer. In this examination, acidic anhydride was added to the blend of 2mL aniline and 20mL of refined water. The blend was cooled in an ice shower and sifted through channel paper coming about to the unrefined acetanilide. The unadulterated acetanilide was then delivered by the sifted arrangement of unrefined acetanilide and recrystallizing dissolvable. Picking of the recrystallizing dissolvable was finished by putting a modest quantity of unadulterated acetanilide in three test tubes, each containing: water, 95% ethanol and hexane. The last weight delivered by the unadulterated acetanilide is 1.1g as opposed to the heaviness of the unrefined of the acetanilide which is 0.5g. Quantitative investigation indicated that the unadulterated acetanilide created 37.04% rate yield. Presentation Recrystallization is a procedure of purging natural mixes got from nature that contain dissolvable, insoluble and hued debasements. This depends on the reason that solvency increments on the expansion of temperature while dissolvability diminishes on the reduction of temperature. This is the procedure behind the arrangement of gems. Recrystallization can be separated into a few stages. A reasonable dissolvable is picked trailed by the compound being disintegrated in a base dissolvable. Insoluble polluting influences are expelled and crystallization follows after cooling. The gems are gathered and dried. Picking the best recrystallizing dissolvable would prompt the dissolvability of the sullied substances in the compound. The breaking point of the recrystallizing dissolvable ought to be lower than the compound to be recrystallized. There are a few models in deciding the best recrystallizing dissolvable. The compound being decontaminated must be insoluble in the dissolvable at room temperature. It ought to be insoluble in the dissolvable at high temperature. Upon low temperature, it ought to be dissolvable. Acetanilide can be acquired by acetylation of aniline experienced by nitration at low temperature. For acetylation of anilines, acidic anhydride is normally utilized. Likewise called acidic corrosive anilide, acetanilide is an unscented, white crystalline powder which is solvent in high temp water, liquor, ether, chloroform, CH3)2CO, glycerol and benzene. It has a liquefying purpose of 114 Â °C and breaking point of 314Â °C. It is an ignitable strong. When processed, it is reasonably poisonous. Presentation to body tissues would prompt bothering. For the creation of elastic quickening agents, colors and camphor, acetanilide is utilized as a middle of the road. It additionally utilized in penicillin union and different pharmaceuticals like painkillers and intermediates. It is incongruent with solid antacids and oxidizers however stays stable under ordinary conditions. Additionally, it is an amide. This trial expects to sanitize rough acetanilide water, the best recrystallizing dissolvable, which is dictated by the solvency of the strong compound, to create unadulterated acetanilide and to ascertain the rate yield of the heaviness of the unadulterated acetanilide. Additionally, it expects to demonstrate the procedure of recrystallization in purging mixes. Materials and Methods The materials utilized were test tubes, Erlenmeyer flagon, Bunsen burner, tripod, wire cloth, container, channel paper, aniline compound, hexane compound, acidic anhydride and methanol. The test started on the picking of the recrystallizing dissolvable. Three test tubes that separately contained 1mL water, 95% ethanol and hexane were included a corn grain measure of unadulterated acetanilide. Water was the chosenâ recrystallizing dissolvable. In an Erlenmeyer jar, 2mL of aniline and 20mL of refined water were blended to be trailed by the moderate expansion of 3mL acidic anhydride. This created the unrefined acetanilide. The rough acetanilide was gauged. 20mL of recrystallizing dissolvable was added to the unrefined acetanilide. The arrangement was warmed in the water shower until the strong breaks down. Enacted charcoal is added to create a dull arrangement. While still hot, the arrangement was separated through the channel paper. The precious stones created are gathered, washed with refined water and dried between channel papers. The subsequent unadulterated acetanilide is gauged Results and Discussion Picking the recrystallizing dissolvable 3 test tubes containing 1mL water, 95% ethanol and hexane were exposed to various temperatures for 1-5 minutes so as to test the solvency of the unadulterated acetanilide. In room temperature, water and hexane were insoluble; while, 95% ethanol was solvent. In high temperature or during warming, water and 95% ethanol are solvent while hexane was insoluble. In low temperature of after cooling, water and 95% ethanol are both insoluble while hexane stayed insoluble. Table 1 shows the aftereffect of the dissolvability of unadulterated acetanilide in various temperatures gave. Table 1: Summary of the Solubility of Pure Acetanilide in Different Solvents of Varying Temperatures Solvent| At room temperature| During heating| Upon cooling| Water| Insoluble| Soluble | Insoluble| 95% ethanol| Soluble| Hexane| Inoluble| Insoluble| So as to achieve the best recrystallizing dissolvable, this table clarifies that the compound ought to be extremely solvent in high temperatures and insoluble inâ room temperature. The distinction in hot and cold temperatures is fundamental for the procedure of recrystallization. It would not break up if at high temperatures the compound in the picked dissolvable is insoluble. It would not take shape in unadulterated structure if the compound in the dissolvable is solvent. The ideal compound might be lost during recrystallization that is the reason the dissolvable ought not respond with the compound being filtered. Undesirable polluting influences ought to be either extremely solvent in room temperature of insoluble in hot temperature. After the arrangement cools, the ideal compound takes shape and the rest of the contaminations will stay disintegrated. After the compound has solidified, the dissolvable ought to be unpredictable enough to be expelled from the dissolvable after the c ompound. Simple and fast drying of the strong compound after it has been disengaged follows. Table 2 shows the heaviness of the unrefined acetanilide and the unadulterated acetanilide. Table 2: Summary of the Weight of Crude and Pure Acetanilide Acetanilide| Weight (g)| Crude| 6.5| Pure| 1.2| Unrefined acetanilide was framed from the combination of acetanilide. Unadulterated acetanilide was gathered in the wake of recrystallizing the rough acetanilide. Quantitative Analysis of Acetanilide through Determination of Percentage Yield The rate recuperation of unadulterated acetanilide was registered utilizing the equation: %Yield=Actual YieldTheoretical Yield x 100 Subbing the qualities: %Yield=1.1g2.97gx 100 Along these lines, the rate yield of unadulterated acetanilide is 37.04%. Rate yield is utilized in situations where compound change happens. In figuring the rate yield, coming up next is required: 1. The molar proportion of item to beginning material 2. The sub-atomic loads of item and beginning material 3. Restricting Reagent Assurance of Theoretical Yield 2mL Aniline (C6H5NH2) x 1.0271 mole x 1 mole93.13g x 102.09 g1 mole = 2.24g 3mL Acetic Anhydride (C4H6O3) x 1.0821 mole x 1 mole102.09g x 93.13g1 mole = 2.97g The constraining reagent is Aniline since 2.97g was expected to make 3 milliliters of Acetic Anhydride. REFERENCES: From The Internet: (1) Recrystallization. Electronic References (2)[1].pdf. Refinement by Recrystallization (3) Substance Book (4) Flinn Scientific Inc. (2001) (5) Bortiatynski, Jackie, M’Mechan, J.C.

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Financial Performance of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank in UAE Case Study

Money related Performance of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank in UAE - Case Study Example Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank gained RBS’ UAE retail, riches the board and SME banking business. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank is at present the third biggest bank in the UAE as far as tasks and second biggest in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi regarding all out resources. The bank has a significant client base and holds around 12% piece of the overall industry by advances and 10% piece of the overall industry by stores. The bank at present has roughly 500,000 retail clients and 33,000 discount clients in the UAE. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank has partitioned its activities into four primary spaces as follows. Abu Dhabi, the second biggest city of UAE, is one of the developing economies of the world. During the money related year 2009, in the midst of the worldwide monetary emergency, the development pattern of Abu Dhabi took a descending dive when the genuine GDP development stayed just 0.2% and its GDP per capita was 90,538 USD, which was as yet considered among the most elevated at the worldwide level. With the usage of judicious approaches, the legislature of UAE has now ready to reestablish its past financial flourishing and it is depicting slanting pattern indeed. The financial area in UAE can be viewed as the greatest recipient of the monetary development. This is because of the way that the common financing cost in the UAE economy is lower when contrasted with different nations portraying comparable monetary patterns. National Bank of UAE is the administrative power which issues rules and profession controlling the working of these banks. As of March 31, 2011, UAE economy had 23 neighborhood keeps money with 736 branches and 28 authorized remote manages an account with 83 branches. The accompanying graphical portrayal presents the development in the financial division in UAE throughout the years [presentation] Technical Analysis The offer cost of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank remained changed in the course of recent years. In the event that we consider the budgetary year 2006, the offer cost of the bank delineates a rising pattern. In the start of the money related year 2006, the offer cost of the bank was crossing 5.66, however before the finis h of the monetary year 2006, the offer cost took a descending dive and the December shutting of the budgetary year recorded an offer cost of 4.16. Notwithstanding the declining pattern in the earlier year, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank had the option to reestablish its past market capitalization and before the finish of the monetary year 2007, the offer cost speaks to an expansion of 19%. Budgetary year 2008 and 2009 are

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Literary Analysis of the Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood Essay

Offred, in Margaret Atwood’s upsetting novel The Handmaid’s Tale says, â€Å"But who can recollect torment once it’s over? All that remaining parts of it is a shadow, not in the brain even, in the substance. Torment marks you, yet too profound to even consider seeing. Far out, out of mind.† The general public of Gilead causes the previously mentioned torment and unsettling by utilizing women’s bodies as political instruments. Like Atwood’s tale, today’s men put gigantic focus on ladies to be a sure way, give them kids, and deal with the home and so forth. In Atwood’s tale, The Handmaid’s Tale, she analyzes the topic of dampening of ladies through realistic expectations of what women’s fates may resemble. In 1 Corinthians 6: 19-20, the Bible states, â€Å"Or do you not realize that your body is a sanctuary of the Holy Spirit inside you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were purchased with a cost. So celebrate God in your body.† In The Handmaid’s Tale, the general public impacts the residents, as Ofglen, in an unexpected way. The general public improperly controls ladies to utilize their bodies for what the administration chooses is correct, not what God got ready for their bodies. Through this improper use, ladies have by and by become less better than men and rewarded more like an item than an individual. Additionally in Corinthians 6:18, the Bible states, â€Å"Flee from extramarital perversion. Each and every other sin an individual submits is outside the body, however the explicitly shameless individual sins against his own body.† The legislature in The Handmaid’s story energized extramarital perversion by passing the handmaids from man to man, demolishing the women’s virtue and debilitating their bodies by utilizing them only for multiplication strategies. In the timespan of The Handmaid’s Tale, the dispiriting of ladies was ordinary and acknowledged, yet even the supporters of the debilitation recollected when ladies weren’t being passed from man to man to duplicate and were regarded and maintained in the public eye. In today’s society a large portion of the scriptural ethics are maintained and generally, ladies are equivalent with men. Ladies aren’t compelled to move from man to man for proliferation purposes and they have the decision of whom they will wed and repeat with. The genuine reason for a lady is to be the man’s equivalent and to give in her what the man doesn’t have. The Handmaid’s Tale depicts ladies in a dispiriting manner, giving them no decisions, opportunity, or state. The administration in The Handmaid’s Tale upheld the dampening of ladies in Gilead. The first government was toppled by a gathering of authoritarian men who upheld the laws that started the discouragement of the ladies. The administration at that point assumes total responsibility for everybody, making Gilead more like a socialist nation than law based America. The Constitution is totally tossed out, removing residents, particularly women’s, opportunity and rights. The greater part of the men are totally submissive and support the government’s treatment of ladies. In any event, when the authority disrupted the guidelines and took Offred out, he ensured that she despite everything comprehended he has total and absolute command over her. Disheartening was in full impact, and there was no getting away from it. In today’s society ladies have comparative jobs to those of men. They work, accommodate their families, and are viewed as equivalent to men. In The Handmaid’s Tale, ladies are utilized as an apparatus to make kids for the â€Å"commanders† and are dealt with more like an item than an individual. In The Handmaid’s Tale, the general public is returned to when ladies had no rights and were seen progressively like a trophy that would react to men’s each beck and call. The handmaids’ jobs in the novel are surprisingly more dreadful than that of the bygone day â€Å"housewife.† When the handmaids defy, they are killed or left in the no man's land of what used to be America. Nobody gets a harsher discipline than that. Indeed, even in today’s society ladies don’t get that unforgiving of a discipline in the event that they rebel. This fair demonstrates in the general public and time of The Handmaid’s Tale, the dispiriting o f ladies as political instruments was going all out. Notwithstanding all of Gilead’s genius ladies talk, such oppression makes a general public where ladies are treated as subhuman. They are diminished to their ripeness, rewarded as simply a lot of ovaries and a belly. In one of the novel’s key scenes, Offred lies in the shower and mirrors that, before Gilead, she thought of her as body an instrument of her wants; presently, she is only a hill of substance encompassing a belly that must be dispatched so as to make her valuable. Gilead tries to deny ladies of their independence so as to make them accommodating transporters of the people to come. All through the whole content of The Handmaid’s Tale, the decision extremist government does what is in its capacity to endeavor to detach ladies from society. Not exclusively do are the ladies disengaged from society as far as sexual contact (or any contact, so far as that is concerned), with men, yet they are likewise individualized inside the sex itself and isolated from one another. Proof of this confinement is accessible all through the novel in various levels. The primary level, maybe the harshest, is the division of sexual orientations, with ladies like the Handmaids incapable to speak with unmarried men. Offred’s partition from men is evident when she looks at herself to the â€Å"power of a pooch bone† (29), however the bone is â€Å"held out of reach† (29). This portrays how there is a severe sexual orientation division that refuses them to try and speak with one another, substantially less have intercourse. For the Angels, they are not permitted to take a gander at the alleged canine bone. At the point when we are first acquainted with the possibility of the Angels, Offred specifies that the Angels must remain outside of the exercise room â€Å"with their backs to us† (10). Offred wishes that they would possibly take a gander at her and if no one but â€Å"something could be exchanged† (10). The gatekeepers of the complex Offred is held in toward the start of the novel aren’t even permitted inside it. With the men not permitted in the Red Center and the ladies currently permitted outside of it, they are each confined from one another.

How Honey Bees Survive the Winter Cold

How Honey Bees Survive the Winter Cold Most honey bees and wasps sleep during the colder months. In numerous species, just the sovereign endures the winter, rising in spring to restore a state. Be that as it may, bumble bees stay dynamic throughout the entire winter, in spite of the frosty temperatures and absence of blossoms on which to scrounge. Winter is the point at which they receive the rewards of their difficult work, by living off the nectar theyve made and put away. Winter Is Why Bees Make Honey The bumble bee colonys capacity to endure the winter relies upon their food stores. Keeping warm takes vitality as nectar. On the off chance that the province runs low on nectar, it will stick to death before spring. The working drones power the now pointless automaton honey bees from the hive, allowing them to starve. Its a brutal sentence, however one that is vital for the colonys endurance. Automatons would eat a lot of the valuable nectar, and put the hive in risk. When wellsprings of rummage vanish, the bumble bees settle in for the winter. As temperatures fall underneath 57â ° F, the laborers dig in close to their store of nectar. The sovereign quits laying eggs in pre-winter and late-fall, since food stores are constrained and the laborers must concentrate on protecting the state. The Honey Bee Huddle The bumble bee laborers structure a bunch around the sovereign and brood to keepâ them warm. They keep their heads pointed internal. Honey bees within the bunch can benefit from the put away nectar. The external layer of laborers protects their sisters inside the circle of bumble bees. As surrounding temperatures rise, the honey bees outwardly of the gathering separate a piece, to permit more wind current. As temperatures fall, the bunch fixes, and the external specialists arrange. As the surrounding temperature drops, the working drones effectively create heat inside the hive. In the first place, they feed on nectar for vitality. At that point, the bumble bees shudder. They vibrate their flight muscles however keep their wings despite everything, raising their internal heat levels. With a great many honey bees shuddering continually, the temperature at the focal point of the bunch will heat up significantly, to about 93â ° F! At the point when the laborers on the external edge of the bunch get cold, they push to the focal point of the gathering, and different honey bees take a divert protecting the gathering from the winter climate. During hotter spells, the whole circle of honey bees will move inside the hive, situating themselves around new nectar stores. During long spells of extraordinary chilly, the honey bees might be not able to move inside the hive. On the off chance that they come up short on nectar inside the bunch, the honey bees can starve to death just crawls from extra nectar saves. What Befalls the Bees When We Take Their Honey? A normal state of bumble bees can deliver 25 lbs. of nectar during the scavenging season. That is 2-3 times more nectar than they regularly need to endure the winter. During a decent searching season, a sound settlement of bumble bees can create as much as 60 lbs. of nectar. So the innovative working drones make considerably more nectar than the province requires to endure the winter. Beekeepers reap the excess nectar, yet consistently ensure they leave an adequate flexibly for the honey bees to continue themselves through the winter months.

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Euphoria Case Study Essay

Human life as we probably am aware has been demonstrated better with a logical disclosure made through the endeavors of Pseudoscience Research Inc. (PRI), a combination pharmaceutical enterprise answerable for other extraordinary advances in current organic science and innovation today. This new revelation is ensured to improve the personal satisfaction for the vast majority and would in the end set up an amicable society individuals try for since days of yore.  â â â â â â â â â â In a rich service held at the workplaces of PRI, the supernatural occurrence sedate was divulged to wide open approval. It was portrayed as one of the most creative and promising innovation of the 22nd century. The medication ‘Euphoria‘ is by and large viewed as the best and top rated tranquilize since viagra hit the stores. Happiness originates from the Greek word euphoros meaning solid. As what its name upholds, Euphoria plans to improve the lives of most of individuals who live in steady melancholy, destitution, and craving by inciting regular joy and rapture. To be sure, Euphoria makes a huge difference.  â â â â â â â â â â As a reaction to the developing interest in the public arena, PRI began to direct research on a medication that likely could be the organic ubermensch of the majority so as to free of consistent budgetary, social, and individual issues that the individual needs to encounter every day. On July 14, 1971, PRI kicked off the exploration on another medication that will organically dispose of issues and hardships of a person by building up a pill concentrated with endorphins and different bliss inciting synthetic concoctions that will innocuously change the hereditary code of the individual just as increment the typical endorphin tally of the ordinary human body. Consequently, Euphoria was conceived. Since the drug’s creation, it has been tried on human subjects to cling to the previous laws on creature government assistance in lieu with testing. During the mid 90’s, PRI was undermined with chapter 11 as the organization was straightforwardly scrutinized for making a flippant and indecent medication at the same time. For the most part professional life bunches dismissed the possibility of the medication, as it didn't esteem human life while learned people reprimanded it as something that is ‘atrocious’ since it takes out ‘choice’ of an individual to be hopeless. Be that as it may, it was a well known Hollywood on-screen character who bolstered the medication and brought PRI into the A-rundown of partnerships on the planet today. The three-time Oscar champ on-screen character contended openly that the medication has helped her made her profession and improved her lifestyle from that point forward. Thusly, PRI deals on Euphoria went up by half in only a year and soon the organization bacome famous as one of the main brands in social insurance in 2004. Today, Euphoria has supplanted painkillers, antidepressants, and other little league anti-infection agents since it totally keeps the client from becoming ill. It has been demonstrated viable with definitely no symptoms, for example, laziness, unsteadiness, stomach torments, chest torments, cerebral pains, fever, and demise. Since its innovation, the medication has been generally utilized by people in general and from considerable studies led by PRI itself, it has been uncovered that practically 95.457% of the populace accept the medication as a response to the issues since there are no different medications that will empower them to be upbeat and fruitful. Moreover, that rate likewise demonstrates the drug’s prevalence and viability, as it won various honors including the Discovery of the Year acknowledgment from Time Magazine. In 2008, the medication built up the name of PRI, turning into the world’s principal aggregate in therapeutic turn of events. Humble Beginnings  â â â â â â â â â â The credit with the formation of the marvelous medication goes to Dr. William Falsetto, a Harvard medication graduate, who got the unexpected motivation of making Euphoria during a cordial chat over a few brews when his partner proposed him to make a medication that has a characteristic ‘high’ without the symptoms opponent to that of viagra and morphine. On account of his experience as a recognized graduate of one of the top colleges on the planet, his validity follows with his innovation and consequently the drug’s possible achievement. [1]  â â â â â â â â â â He based his suppositions from an observational research center analysis wherein he deliberately tried the quantity of endorphins that the human body produces at an ordinary rate. In the wake of deciding such, he further probed the subject with three considerable speculations. First is to decide the measure of endorphins that an ordinary body produces when working out. In an outcome distributed in the PRI examine diary from 1991, Falsetto reasoned that the body radiates 86% more endorphins that invigorate satisfaction and elation.[2] In any case, he exposed his hypothesis expressing that practicing isn't a movement done by greater part of the majority and would subsequently cause a low selling and showcasing rate. The subsequent hypothesis was to decide the measure of endorphins when eating a lot of chocolate. The outcome was additionally encouraging however Falsetto before long found that chocolate-initiated bliss is trailed by unwanted reactions, for example, diabetes and fluctuating sugar levels of the body. The last hypothesis end up being the best as Falsetto found that endorphins could be extricated as a strong powder structure and could be put in customary tablets sold. The equation is obviously under severe assurance of the PRI, NSA, CIA, FBI, EUROPOL and the United Nations, yet Falsetto uncovered in a press meet when the medication arrived at its tenth year of achievement that it contains normally created endorphins that add to the characteristic edge of the human body and it builds satisfaction that thusly causes inspiration, vitality, and a positivist disposition. He strikingly included that the medication can supplant viagra since it additionally builds the sexual drive of the human body. On account of his experience as a Harvard graduate, the validity of the medication was never undermined when it went marked down since 1995.[3]  â â â â â â â â â â In connection with the drug’s practically fantastic disappointment, the Hollywood on-screen character who despite everything will not uncover her personality said that it nearly spared her life and profession. From that point forward, PRI initiated the praised entertainer as one of the chairpersons of the organization and in the long run her climb as the CEO of the organization. Her announcement came to nearly the total of Hollywood’s ‘royalty’ and soon, a great many individuals were persuaded of Euphoria. Heads of State and illustrious families before long stuck to this same pattern, expressing the drug’s effectivity and objectivity over dynamic, political connections, and psychological oppressor dealings. The medication additionally supplanted the hurtful and illicit medications, for example, cocaine and pot since Euphoria initiated a characteristic high without the stimulants found in the unlawful medications.  â â â â â â â â â â In 2001, 92% of the total populace conceded to the utilization of Euphoria and thus got rid of the drug’s shameless and exploitative issues with respect to its utilization and nature. The guineas pigs broadly acknowledged the drug[4] since the medication contains normal endorphins, and it follows that it possibly builds euphoria and joy feeling for the individual. Since bliss and rapture are significant for individual inspiration, the medication at that point helps in changing the disposition of the individual just as influencing change with respect to dietary patterns and conduct. Additionally, work creation has likewise been expanded since representatives are currently ‘very happy’ with their work. Elation additionally replaces viagra as a sheltered option since the medication is normally created. With medical problems, endorphins likewise increment the white blood tally of the body and in this way keep the body from gaining diseases.[5] Majority of the individuals concur on the medication since it is directly for the body and life just as the best activity. Its ethical issues were discredited since there are no passings or mishaps that are connected to the drug.[6]  â â â â â â â â â â In 1992, there was an overall intrigue to governments that the way of life for a large portion of the nations is declining a result of joblessness and neediness. Notwithstanding, when Euphoria was acquainted with the world, many concur that the medication has spared numerous lives. It is vital to specify that in one of the political discussions in the UN meeting of 2007, the gathering inferred that the personal satisfaction is consistently declining and if the case isn't tended to, progressively human lives are in question. Either the medication ought to be all inclusive sanctioned or the world would keep on debasing as far as expectations for everyday comforts and medical problems. Normally, the medication was at long last given overall endorsement during September of that year, and from that point forward, it has been demonstrated effective.[7] In any case, a few pharmaceutical organizations dismissed the case of Euphoria to be an all inclusive answer for natural issues. The case went to court, yet it was effortlessly excused by the decision that there were no meaningful professes to demonstrate that the medication was in reality ineffectual. Thus, it likewise end up being the defining moment for major and minor medication organizations as PRI purchased the organizations and framed into a global natural research company.[8] Furthermore, since there are disputes with respects the impacts of the medication, it has inferred that the medicine’s claims are valid. Mr. Falsetto got the Nobel Peace prize for Medicine and named one of the 22nd century’s most noteworthy thinkers.[9]  â â â â â â â â â â Because of Euphoria’s revelation and grand achievement, it has been viewed as the medication that spared the world from hopelessness and caused a lot of improvement in the nature of living for the entire world. There are no more wars, political moving, difficulty, p

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Wait List Decisions 2013

Wait List Decisions 2013 Its been nearly two weeks since the May 1 reply deadline, and I know many of you have been anxiously awaiting news about our wait list this year. During this time, weve been waiting for all our admitted students to submit their final decisions so we could figure out whether or not we could go to our wait list this year. Every year, we always plan on admitting students from the wait list. However, this year, we saw an unprecedented, record-breaking percentage of admitted students choosing to enroll at MIT (also known in admissions parlance as the yield). This year, our yield is going to be around 72-73 percent. Last year, it was 70 percent; the year before, it was 65 percent; the year before that, it was 64 percent. Unfortunately, this means that we will not be able to admit anyone off the wait list this year. This is only the second time in the last eight years that we have not been able to go to our wait list. Today, at 5pm Eastern Time, we will notify all remaining students on our wait list via email that we will not be able to offer them admission. At that point, we will consider our wait list closed and will not admit any additional students this year for the Class of 2017. Weve seen all the wonderful updates many of you have been sending in, and truly appreciate the time and effort you have put in to letting us know how much you love MIT. We thank you for your patience during this time, and we know you will have incredibly bright futures and awesome college experiences. Big virtual hugs to you all, and we wish you all the best.

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Cultural Imperialism Essay - 275 Words

Cultural Imperialism (Essay Sample) Content: NameInstructorDateCultural ImperialismMany of the non-Western peoples that Europeans colonized in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries complained that Europeans often embraced the ideals of liberty and equality yet placed restrictions on their meanings in practice. A similar criticism regarding the treatment of the working classes and ethnic minorities emerged from those who began to support nationalism and socialism in the late 19th and 20th centuries. What might this suggest about the limits of the liberal legacies of the development of capitalism, the Enlightenment, and the 18th- and 19th-century revolutions? Many historianshave tried to answer this question by delving into theanalysis between liberalism and empire. European attitudes towards colonies provided a classic example of liberal thought and how the rise of empires subjugated indigenous freedoms through cultural and capitalist imperialism.During the 17th and 18th centuries, various European empiresstarted a series of expansive programs aimed at exploring uncharted territoriesunder the guise of spreading civilization and Christian values. The justification of cultural imperialism at that time was that the assimilation of colonies intothe European culture would be highly beneficial to them. The age of enlightenment in 17th and 18th century Europe, was a cultural and intellectual period characterized by changes in ideologies regarding social and political freedoms. It was described by many scholars as the emergence of self-conscious thought and the advent of liberal universalism. It was at this time that many European nations sought to spread these imperialist ideals of truth and justice to their conquered territories. Various European powers which professed liberalism found themselves on an impasse on two fronts. Foremost, the question arose on how these nations could dominate others while at the same time championing a sense of cultural freedom. The second dimension regarded how their u niversal valuescould be applied in the face of social diversity and diverse cultural freedoms.The view by a majority of the colonies was that their European masters imposed policies which were largely justified by their imperial thoughts and views. Indeed, the French empire imposed itsideals in Algeria and regarded the colony as an integral part of France and not a separatist state. In all fairness, not all conquered territories were opposed to these imperialist ideals and values. Individuals, particularly those in the upper middle classes, embraced them terming these idealsas a progressive step towards national development. In the early 17th century, after being crowned Nawab wazir of Oudh, Saadat Ali Khan embraced the culture of the British empire by refurnishing his palace in English style decorations and placing a requirement thathis dinnerbeserved using the best English china (Collingham 171).Colonial powers highly encouraged the process of assimilation wherebyindividuals in co lonies could in essence become fully fledged citizens of their colony countries by adopting their cultures and ideals. This process inadvertently led to the spread of 'imperial capitalism' .The concept of liberalism and capitalism was centered around the notion of upholding various capitalistic ideals including the ownership of property, adequate compensation of labor and also the liberalization of exchange systems. Thelate 19th century gaverise to the 'new imperialism model' which sparked the interest by imperial powersto seek imperial territories.During their numerous conquests, the British Empire sought to economically integrate their colonies into their capitalistic chains. Nevertheless, there was a complete contradiction between the self professed liberal self-image in Britain and the application of capitalistic ideals in their acquired colonies. Efforts shifted from the propagation of liberalist capitalistic thought to the exploitation of these colonies for the benefit of the European powers. Absolute control overcolonies discouraged any form of indigenous capitalist growth. The British Empire provided a classic case of the exploitation of the free market ideal inherent in the capitalist model. They adopted the mercantilist model of trade whereby colonies were encouraged to produce raw materials. Factories in England would then process these raw materials, which were returnedand sold to the colonies. Tothe British Empire, this was highly progressive capitalismas theyestablishedmanipulative global systems of raw material accumulationand virtually competitive-free markets for their products. This process was still in effect even in the late 20th century. The film Goodbye Lenin was a parodyfilm about western imperialism ...