Saturday, September 28, 2019

ESL PAPER based on ''outcast united'' Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

ESL PAPER based on ''outcast united'' - Essay Example In fact, the coaching style of Coach Luma was what the kids needed to push themselves hard and to be better than what they actually are because it is only their selves that they got in a foreign country. This kids cannot afford to be lax because they do not have any support system to fall back on so they need to be pushed hard. In addition, the fiery style of Coach Luma may be acceptable to these kids who may have been desensitized already having seen violence and murder from their respective countries of origin. They may not take offense with the strong language and style of Luma because they are used to it already. Had Coach Luma Mufleh been a â€Å"nice† coach, these kids may perceive it as soft and thus weak that they would not respect the coaching style. This coaching style of Coach Luma is not applicable to affluent suburban town due to many reasons. First, their circumstances are different. Kids in affluent suburban town have very strong support system and they do not need to be berated to push themselves hard. These kids may be spoiled and Luma’s coaching style may not sit well with that instead of being motivated to train harder, they may fight back at the coach. In addition, there may be parents watching during training. If Coach Luma will do to the affluent suburban kids what was done to the refugee kids, the coach may be in a big trouble with the lawsuits that will be filed by the parents. Kids from affluent suburban cities are also sensitive and are not used to being berated. They are used to American treatment that kids are being treated nicely and protected by anti-child abuse law. If Coach Luma yells at them, the coach may be sued. Child abuse is a serious case in America. This is not to say that Coach Luma’s coaching style is bad. It is just that it can only be applicable and effective to a certain set of

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