Monday, September 9, 2019

LOST Files in a hospital Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

LOST Files in a hospital - Essay Example It is through the negative facts that the nurse presented to me that I was able to find out the possible solutions for the problem. I have always been very effective in working with the organizations and so as my habit goes I was able to present the solutions as demanded by the board of directors. The faults I identified might be quite expensive to fix but the results are worth spending for. If not fixed now, leakage of information may cause even greater damage in the near future. The best security the organization should offer is security for the patients’ information. It is well known as the main duty of every medical institution apart from the duty of providing ultimate care. An estimated $150,000 will be needed in fixing the security situation once and for all. Some more $120,000 will be required for computer training. I can comfortably promise the board that there will be no regression if all my recommendations are attended to fully. This will include upgrading the entire I.T department, installation of up to date surveillance systems, and educating the nurses on the importance of computer security. As much as we train our employees, it would also be of much help we hired more trained and experienced employees to assist in directing our own. This will only cost the organization at most an extra $60,000. Apart from the problem of using a Management Information System that is not upgraded, the organization is also facing other problems that resulted to the agony. This is all from the results that were presented before me by the nurse that I hired. Basically, the other major problem is the level of ignorance of the employees as far as maintenance of the security for the organization is concerned. According to the report I received, many nurses log in with their passwords then leave the system open and accessible to any stranger. This enhances leakage of important and preserved information of the organization. The solution

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