Monday, September 2, 2019

Playing Roller Hockey Essay -- Personal Narrative Sports Athletics Ess

Playing Roller Hockey Throughout my lifetime, many different goals have been set and achieved, but the most significant goal I accomplished was making the Foothill Grizzlies hockey team. Playing hockey, by far, is one of my favorite things to do. Whether I am playing for fun in a pickup game or against a top team in the state, hockey is what I love to do. The Foothill Grizzlies were a roller hockey team that was formed when I was about the age of 13. I had heard many good things about the team, which at the time was one of the most respected teams in the state of California. Coached by a man named Jon Adimack, the team had won most of the tournaments and leagues they entered in. Hearing about this team and the consistency of its players, I was shocked to hear they were hosting tryouts. I jumped on the opportunity, because the leagues I had been in were not the most competitive. I was looking for a chance to step my game up and play for a traveling tournament team. When I showed up for the tryouts, I was amazed at the way the players knew one another. The guys had been playing for a long time together, so the communication on and off of the rink was outstanding. Not only were they teammates, but they were also best friends. Seeing all of these things, I was a little skeptical to tryout, because I was intimidated. Finally, me and my best friend Mike got on the rink and began to skate. When the drills started, I was excited because I was feeling very comfortable. I did all of the workouts and ran the drills as best I could, and was excited to hear what the coach thought of me and my buddy. The coach thought we did very good and asked us to join the team. We showed the coach exactly wha... ...thought I would play such competitive hockey, because everything before it was local leagues. Joining this traveling team was amazing; because I matured over the four years emotionally and physically. My game had never been better than when I played for the Grizzlies, as I was â€Å"in my prime.† Achieving the goal of making the team was outstanding on its own, but winning a championship of that caliber was more than I could ask for. I was able to have the best time of my life while playing with this team, but unfortunately, the team folded. We were all growing up and had to take time off for school, so the team gradually separated. These were the greatest times in my life and the greatest achievement also. Never will there be something that made me feel so good, and although I don’t speak to any of them, they made up the greatest experiences of my life for four years.

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