Saturday, October 5, 2019

The Korean War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Korean War - Essay Example This situation remained so until the Korean War, which changed everything and expanded the conflict to one with a worldwide scope. It was the first armed confrontation of the Cold War, which without a doubt set the standard for later confrontations. The idea of a proxy war was generated due to the character of the war- the fact that it had been fought in another country. This meant that most of the destruction and devastation wouldnt be in either state of origin of one of the two superpowers, but rather in a different country. What this basically means is that another country is functioning as a battleground in the relentless war between the two superpowers. The war had started as the North Koreans, along with their Chinese allies, invaded South Korea. The North claimed that they were launching a preemptive strike against the South, but there is no indication that that was the case. The attack was launched in the dawn of June 25th, 1950. Around 231,000 North Korean soldiers crossed the border. Thousands of citizens had to flee their homes and turn south, carrying only what they can with them. As a result of the well-organized attack, North Korea was successful at the invasion and surprised the South, attacking a number of key places such as Kaesong, Chuncheon, Uijeongbu and Ongjin. The war raged on as the North Korean Air Force bombed major cities in the South, and heavy damages were inflicted upon them. Many South Koreans defected and others were in full retreat. This all changed when the US and other countries joined the war in favor of South Korea, with the UNs approval. The US declared that Korea is a good place to stop the communis t expansion. The US then joined the war, but at first the North Koreans continued to advance south until the US and South Korea were driven to a small area in the southeastern peninsula, around the city of Pusan. The US kept on sending forces there and would periodically bomb supply places and infrastructures of the

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