Tuesday, October 22, 2019

GMOs essays

GMO's essays GMOs Genetically Modified Organisms What do people really know about GMOs? Do they know that some of them may in the long run be harmful? Do they know that with the use of these GMOs, stronger herbicides will need to be made in order to prevent the growth of super weeds? GMOs are something that need to be looked into and people should have the choice to use these modified items or not. Many countries have strict laws about GMOs, but the U.S. does not, why is that? Most of the countries feel that genetically engineered vegetable and fruits are not safe. Eating these GMOs have not yet been proven harmful, but there are scientist out there who believe that over a long term that may cause serious diseases to spread and more virulent forms of viruss to be formed. The USDA and FDA have not yet proven these GMOs harmful or dangerous. However, scientists have shown these GMOs are producing super weeds and more virulent viruses. Should we be forced to eat these GMOs without knowing or should we have a choice in what we eat? There is an upside to using these genetically engineered foods though, and that is they could possibly end world hunger in the future if people choose to eat them. The advanced growth of corn and salmon are promising when it comes to providing food for more people than you can physically feed. People should have the right to eat GMOs or not. The U.S. should follow some of the countries like Austria and put labels on food using GMOs so that the consumer knows what they are buying. A consumer should not be forced to eat something they feel will someday hurt them. GMOs need to be researched more before they are used in the food; we as the consumer choose to eat, on an everyday basis. ...

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