Friday, October 18, 2019

Cultural Competencies in Advaanced practice nurse- nurse practitioners Research Proposal

Cultural Competencies in Advaanced practice nurse- nurse practitioners - Research Proposal Example trends testify to the great need for advanced practice nurse who are competent and sensitive to care for culturally diverse populations (Canpinha, 2010). To address the idea of diverse cultures in our society, specific curriculum enhancement that focused on populations that are ethically diversified have been implemented for the nurse practitioners specialty at my university. We shall carry out a research on how effective the training program of cultural competency is in this institution. The process that has been used for these report include visiting clinical and community sites, identifying the curricular components at this institutions and analyzing the didactic and clinical learning experiences. The main purpose of this research was to determine how well APN are trained to give culturally competent care in practice and enhance preparation of the students to meet multifaceted needs of ethnically diverse patients, community and families. The objective of this research was to conduct a systematic review on the training of the advanced practitioners nurses on cultural competency, asses the strength of effects and quality of studies and then propose a frame work for future studies Campinha Bacote, (2010), defined cultural competence as the process in which nurses continiouly strive to achieve the ability to work with the cultural context of a patient, individual community or family from a diverse ethnic background. Kreps and Kunimoto (2002) stated that cross cultural practice is a practice that require experience and continued interest in learning and sharpening communication skills and cultural assessment. According to Eubanks, 2010, although nurses may achieve a certain degree of competence in some cultures, they cannot be totally competent in all cultures. Yet this nurses can achieve culturally competent cross cultural care when the complex combination of cultural awareness, knowledge, skills and attitude are used dynamically for the cultural assessment of

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