Friday, October 25, 2019

Shakespere- Man Or Myth? :: essays research papers

SHAKESPEARE: MAN OR MYTH? Who was the real Shakespeare? The son of a Stratford glovemaker? Or was he a forgotten nobleman, the 17th Earl of Oxford? It is the greatest detective story there ever was. As more clues are being found, more and more people are doubting the fact that he ever wrote all his plays or even existed. The big question people are asking is why the man who told so much about who we are tell us so little about himself? That is one of the many reasons why I think he never existed or even wrote all those plays. How could a ‘nobody’ have thought a man who could barely sign his name was the greatest writer in the English language? In this essay I will tell you about why I don’t think he wrote the plays, why Edward de Vere was the real Shakepeare, and other things like why it’s impotrant to see who the real Skaespeare is. In my opinion I do not believe that Shakespeare wrote all those plays because the man couldn’t even sign his own and I don’t think he ever existed. There are many facts that back up my opinion. One is where Mark Twain once said that only a riverboat captain can handle riverboat slang, and there were some things that you have to just experience. â€Å"Where would Shakespeare, have learned the lawyer slang, court slang, soldier slang, and all the terminology that fills the plays?†1 1Some other facts that make me believe that Shakespeare never wrote these plays is that no plays, no poems, and not a single letter Shakespeare’s own handwriting has ever been found. The only examples of his handwriting yet discovered are six signatures, each one spelled differently. Another thing is that one by one, art experts doubt that he posed for any of the portraits of himself. It is believed by Oxfordians that Edward De Vere was the real Shakespeare. What makes me believe this is that Lord Burghley provided De Vere with the same environment and education the author of the plays mist of had. De Vere received degrees from both Oxford and Cambridge and then studied law. He was also saluted at the court with the toast: â€Å"Thy countenance shakes a spear.† It is very sad that De Vere did not receive any credit for his work, but instead a man who didn’t even exist get it.

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