Friday, August 9, 2019

The influence of user generated content on the hotels image by using Dissertation

The influence of user generated content on the hotels image by using travel search engines - Dissertation Example If you post ideas, comments, questions, data, graphs, opinions, creations, customizations, ID or other information (such as information on bulletin boards, discussion forums) (hereinafter referred to as "User Generated Content"), on the site, or if you send to any company this user-generated content via the site, it will become the property of that organization. As a standard, the user-generated content is assumed to be non-confidential and we have the right to use or disclose in any manner whatsoever, without representation or notice. The user-generated content or other information should not be offensive, pornographic, defamatory, profane, illegal or may violate applicable law, whether governed civil, criminal or religious. User-generated content (UGC) is to become a more important tool for travel marketers, as consumers rely more on independent advice. User-generated content is a delicate area for travel marketers, as there is a risk of negative reviews of destinations or hotels. However, the popularity of sites such as Trip Advisor has forced brands to rethink their strategies. With the advancement of contemporary hospitality industry user generated content has turn out to be one of the significant features and requirement in marketing mix and status management strategy of a hotel. While there are many benefits of UGC and it plays an important role in the marketing and the reputation of the business there are some important points that must be considered for User-generated content. As not all the information is accurate or credible hence user generated content can develop a negative impact on the business of hotels. In order to acquire immunity from these ramifications one must keep in the view that in User-generated content all the available content is not authentic and some reviewers may have some other reasons and motivations which might develop adverse effects on the business. A good approach when dealing with such critical situations and making the condition work for your gain is essential. Inaccuracies can take place if the chance presents itself you r reaction may make all the difference to how future readers read, understand and interpret the written message. Another important aspect that needs to be mentioned here is that excessive positive and appreciating remarks over a small time period or only positive remarks may raise doubt to the strength of the comments as this gives a feeling that the remarks are not original and added intentionally for the purpose of making good business. This is the fact that customers avoid hotels if they feel an hotelier has so many reviews that are same and positive. Some negative comments work intends to create a marketing balance, particularly if the response of hotelier gives you an idea about real concern and an effort to rectify or correct the situation. A readiness to get better and an interactive tone in the communication process is a good signal for most prospective customers. In the subsequent phases of our discussion we would be looking at the different ways in which the hospitality in dustry can have an impact upon small countries such as Dominican Republic in developing their tourism sector. Secondly, ways through which UGC has an impact upon consumer behavior will also be a part of the formulated research questions. UGC after the advent of Web 2.0 A recent survey shows that out of 78% of companies use electronic channels, web marketing and email for their marketing purposes (Witkowski, 2007).

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