Sunday, August 11, 2019

How changes in technology and the emergence of a global economy might Essay

How changes in technology and the emergence of a global economy might affect college graduates seeking jobs , and what new skill - Essay Example First of all, communication across cultures is the most important skill one should possess in the global economy. It is essential in the present business world to communicate with people from various cultural backgrounds. Undoubtedly, today’s workplace is rapidly becoming vast as business spreads to new geographic locations. So, knowing how to communicate with various cultures will make business transactions and management easy. Thus, recognizing cultural differences can ensure that the business transactions are successful. In fact, people from dissimilar cultural backgrounds have different ways of communication. This may result in poor communication, and consequently in misunderstanding and frustration. In such a global business arena, it becomes necessary for management students to have good cross cultural communication skills. In fact, the consequences of poor cross-cultural communication are plenty. In the opinion of Don W. Prince et al, they are â€Å"lost confidence, lo st customers, lost business relationships, and lost opportunities† (Prince & Hoppe, 2007, p. 30). The second important skill is computer skills. One cannot think about a business in the modern day world that functions without the aid of a computer. Presently, computer is used by employees at all levels in a company.

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