Sunday, August 25, 2019

British Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

British Law - Essay Example This separate rule of law has made it possible for certain legal measures to be created in a balanced response to the needs and the demands of those individuals that are involved in certain considered situations. Besides that, the empowerment of the law is further aided through the effective separation of powers that the royalties and their subjects are under. Even though the entire European region answers to the central power of a royalty, the queen, they are still considered to be under very democratic governance in terms of realizing the society's freedom to do what they perceive to be rightfully lawful under the legal systems of the country. Why is this so Although the central command of the government comes from the queen, her subjects are the ones directly involved in the work3. There is even this thought that says "the queen reigns but the queen does not rule"; a particular line that dispenses the thought that the UK system of law does not rely only on one monarch's decision but that of her advisers who feed her with the ideas that conform to her beliefs, making possible changes in the society in case some adjustments need to be made. Democratic accountability is a huge consideration for the creators of the law. The people are free and ought to have their own rights even when dealing with the most serious issues in the society4. In every law, it is then recognized that the rights of the people are rightly realized and given proper attention to. Hence, from creating the law towards implementing it, it could be noticed how the UK government intends to give each individual the rightful cause of their being through providing them the respect and recognition of rights that they deserve to have. 2. Making reference to relevant case law, explain and critically examine the different approaches adopted by the courts in deciding whether a particular decision is unlawful on the ground of bias. The British court receives the greatest if not the highest recognition in the UK society. Standing as the judge of all, and the law implementation agent in the society, the British court is noted for its unbiased view of the people, both those who are in power and those who are not. The principle of the rule of law which suggests that "no one is above the law, even those who are in power" depicts a great fact that is recognized by the British court every time it handles cases that involves different parties having disagreements between each other5. This principle subjects everyone accountable to the law without any exceptions given. However, as it could be realized, humans make mistakes and the British court is ruled by human individuals and are thus expected to make mistakes every now and then but of course not all the time. No matter, the British court recognizes mistakes and definitely puts an end to it. The legal guidelines on investigating particular cases that involve ground bias provides a clearer explanation as to how agents of the law who becomes biased during a

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