Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Re-education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Re-education - Essay Example ractice was because of the growing concerns about the changes in the health centre particularly the health care delivery system and in the field practice as well. In realizing of the dire need of professional nurses in the health care centre, the faculty decided to re-educate the health care providers on the hand cleaning hygiene practice. To ensure the effectiveness in the health care field, the team carried out a research on hand washing practice using Dettol soap in South Africa for a period of six months. After the research period, in which the assigned students acted as receptor, it was evident that families that washed their hand regularly feel ill less often. As a healthcare practitioner, I would undertake various leadership strategies to ensure the success of the project. One of the essential objectives of health care provider requires is to attain organizational skills and ensure the patient safety. The understanding and skills in leadership ensure that the health care provider offer quality services to patient to provide quality health care (ACCN, 2009). In the research, it was clear that washing hands prevent spread of germs from one person to another. Another reason for the hand-cleaning project was the fact that fundamental rules entail scholarship for evidence-based practice. As such, the health care providers are entitled to translate current evidence into practice thus; the hand-washing project is a confirmation that there was a research carried out regarding the topic. An initial thought of people who should attend my project presentation is the untrained medical practitioners. It is important for them to understand that a crucial element is the intercommunication between health providers, which is important in improving the patient health care due to shared ideas (In Burns, S. & AACN, 2010). The information can assist the researcher to recognize their professionalism and their values such as dignity and integrity. Moreover, they should

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