Friday, June 7, 2019

Thinking critically simulation review Essay Example for Free

Thinking critically simulation re wad EssayIn our every day lives, we are called to have decisions every minute, nonetheless every second. The start of our day is merely our decision, and even our breathing is also controlled by our decision to be living another day. Our lives are expungeed by how we make it and the decisions that comprise our day. Strategies of coming up with a decision vary with every person depending on how they have been trained. The effectiveness of such decision provide depend on the attainment of the goal of the activity. There are a chip of suggested strategies that are cited in journals so as not to encounter tense up and problems upon the implementation of the decision. In this project, we have encountered problems in laying down our thoughts for our personal differences. Moreover, there are instances that we are reaching a debate in well-favoured up our ideas. Personality difference is sometimes a problem in coming up with a decision. Good thing, there are those who are mature enough that we are able to talk about things in a normal way.Communicating what we want is not that difficult because we agreed that we are passing to attain a single goal, and that is to become successful with the project. Resources should also be adequate so that the performance of the activity will not come into a halt whenever materials are drained. I realized that it is important that before I give into a subject matter, I should first think of it a number of times so that I may be familiar to the possible consequences of the action. Indeed, having the goal to finish the activity is helpful in doing the task.The simulation helped us view some of our agreements and decision in a different way rather than the usual. It is necessary that we are able to examine early the good and bad outcomes of our decision. decision making process is really something that should be paid attention to. It must not be regarded as a simple thing for it can affect a number of people whether in the group, community, city or country.ReferenceMind Tools. 2008. Decision Making Techniques. Retrieved 31May 2008 from http//www. mindtools. com/pages/main/newMN_TED. htm

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