Monday, June 10, 2019

Laws on Tattoos in the Workplace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Laws on Tattoos in the Workplace - Essay ExampleThe justice supports the presence of body tattoos in visible areas as it is embedded in the constitution that every individual is subject to the universal human rights that cannot be taken away. As such, the tattoos are a part of the expression of the individual who has the tattoos, as they attempt to bring a point to the world in the one way they know best. With this in mind, the law supports the presence of these visible tattoos as they are part of the persons rights and do not violate anybody elses rights. This is to say that the law prohibits the denial of performance or a job based on race, colour, ethnicity, gender or religious beliefs, which also translates to the important aspect of the tattoos (Crowe). In relation to this, the law supports the employees to pass that which pleases them, but not at the expense of the employer. Aside from this, there is the valid support for the ban of visible tattoos in the workplace based on the master copy code of ethics and code of dress dictated by the employer. In this case, the employers rights take precedence over those of the employee, where the employee should follow the conditions set by the employer. The exposition of this is that the law recognizes the independence of the employer, and even the incumbent sovereignty, where one has to submit to the workplace rules. There are distinct precedents that uphold the rights of both the employee and the employer but set the boundaries as to who takes precedence over the other, and who should submit to the will of the other. With this in mind, the legal fraternity in the United States dictates that the rights of the employer precede those of the employee, in which case the courts have ruled in favour of the employers consistently (Lynn). This is to mean that the employers, according to the law, are legally mandated to set the boundaries for the employees on how much body art they can display.

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