Thursday, June 20, 2019

Breaking Laws Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Breaking Laws - Essay ExampleAs the paper highlights the problems discussed by Sheila and Arch show that there is a need for strong corporate culture and morale. Many problems in Galvatrens are caused by high rates of turnover and low motivation, poor culture and unavailing communication. Primarily, Galvatrens should change its corporate culture and maintain health climate and positive culture. This allows the corporation time to assess the problem and respond appropriately. More importantly, early detecting prevents the conduct from continuing into the future, thus, enabling the corporation to minimize its exposure to higher penalties and increased liability.Galvatrens should strengthen its system for uncovering misconduct a strict autograph of ethics and training of all employees. The task of the training is to familiarize employees with ethical principles and rules of the code, help them to recognize misconduct and respond effectively to any violations. Companies that adopt a co de of ethics, and commit themselves to observing it, gain several benefits. Their staff know that they are operating openly and honestly second, it is good for their business reputation in both the medium and the long term and third, adopting and committing to a code could be a powerful defense in any court case in which the company might be accused of improper behavior. These tangible and intangible reasons for ethical behavior in business have beneficial outcomes.

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