Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Journal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 9

Journal - Assignment ExampleMen will spend most of their time watching sports and playing word picture games as well as watching violent actions. What they see will make them think that to be a real man you need to be violent and aggressive like the stars they watch in movie actions. Men should know that that is not true because to be successful you dont film to be powerful and dominating women.Women on the other hand spend most of their time building relationships in the media. They visit social sites in quest of relationship which times become more involving than the face-to face meetings. Such a use of media by women should stop because they will make them think that part of their flavour is looking for men who to depend on. Women should spend most of their time reading on their fields and ways to make money and run a family alternatively than building relationships on the media.Media personalities in their programs especially commentators use some rather harsh words against women athletes. Like Don Imus refer to women basketball team as nappy-headed hoe. Commentators also focus on physical attractiveness of female athletes like Maria Sharapova. On the other hand they portray men as gracious and talented. Commentators should focus only on the skillful and how talented the athletes and should not brought in to athletics the sexual natures of the athletes.They sports like the super sport only bring us and analyze in dept the European leagues and women have very little space. We also see only men rugby on our sports channels and rarely do we see women rugby. This will affirm our cultural believe that because men participate in more physical games like rugby then they are strong.The gatekeepers in the media houses also majority are men and this should be changed to have a 50/50 representation. The gatekeepers are responsible for what we regard as more important. The basic news headlines or what is on cover page of the newspapers

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