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Essay on The Mass Slaughter The Rwandan Genocide - 881 Words

Escaping is a pleasure to some people and to some it was a necessity, like to Jack Werber, â€Å"Escape was not our goal since it was so unrealistic. What we wanted was to survive, to live long enough to tell the world what had happened in Buchenwald.† This quote by Jack Werber is inspiring to some people. Jack Werber did live long enough to tell his story, like a lot of Tutsis in the Rwandan genocide. The Rwandan Genocide impacted not only the Tutsis, but the world. Its surprising how a place outside of the United States made such a big impact on the world. A genocide similar to the Holocaust took place in a small african country. Rwanda, is a small landlocked state in central and east Africa. Located a few degrees south of the Equator.†¦show more content†¦On the day of April 6th 1994, the mass murders sparked a ferocious wave of bloody reprisals as thousands of ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus were slaughtered over the next three months, killing almost 10,000 peop le everyday. Hutu extremists were told to load up on weapons like knives, guns, axes, whatever they could find so they could kill tutsis. They could do whatever they wanted to the Tutsis. The Hutu government said â€Å"Spare no one, especially the babies.† The Hutus goal was to kill every Tutsi in Rwanda. As told by Border guards, people have been floating down the river in hundreds everyday for weeks. Many bodies had their hands tied behind their backs. They were either shot, hacked, clubbed, burned, or drowned. During the 100 days of the brutal massacre known as the Rwandan Genocide, between 800,000 to a million people were tragically murdered. Tutsis were not the only ones being killed. Hutus were also being killed for various reasons. If people thought they felt regretful for what they were doing to the Tutsi, they would be killed. If the Hutus tried to help the Tutsi in anyway they were killed. Many of the Hutus were killed if they opposed the killing campaign and the forces directing it. The Rwandan genocide was planned. Even before the plane was shot down killing the Habyarimana president, the Hutus were planning on killing the Tutsi’s, wiping out their whole population. Hutu leaders were secretlyShow MoreRelatedThe Rwandan Genocide : 100 Days Of Mass Slaughter1357 Words   |  6 Pages The Rwandan Genocide: 100 Days of Mass Slaughter â€Å"Seldom in history has a once-dominant group suffered so terrible a reversal of fortune as the Tutsi of Rwanda†- Robin Hallet. The event that Robin Hallet is referring to is the Rwandan Genocide, the â€Å"genocidal mass slaughter† of the Tutsi (the minority group in Rwanda) and a few Hutu (the dominant group in Rwanda) by â€Å"members of the Hutu majority,† which resulted in at least 1 million Rwandan deaths. The Rwandan Genocide was indirectly causedRead MoreInternational Community Is Culpable For The Rwandan Genocide1376 Words   |  6 PagesApril to June 1994, in a mere 100 days, approximately 800,000 Tutsi and moderate Hutu were murdered during the Rwandan genocide (Destexhe, 1994). The international community failed to prevent or stop this slaughter. Considering the horrific nature of this genocide and the vast number of victims, there is a question whether the international community is culpable for the Rwandan genocide; specifically, the role o f its key players, the US, the UN, France and Belgium. I will argue that the internationalRead MoreThe Rwandan Genocide1188 Words   |  5 PagesRwandan Genocide The Rwandan Genocide began on April 6, 1994 and lasted for about 100 days (History). The two groups involved, the Hutus and Tutsis, were in a massive conflict after their president was killed. The Hutus brutally killed about 800,000 Tutsis and supporters. This tragic genocide was not stopped by other countries during its peak, leaving the world wondering why. As we commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide, it is important to be informed about the tragedy. The wayRead MoreRwanda Genocide: Who Is to Blame?1488 Words   |  6 PagesThe Genocide in Rwanda: Who is to Blame? By Maria Chiara Billones Lucatello February 3, 2010 International Relations Mr. Conzemius â€Å"A small boy of 11 years, was curled up in a ball of fresh flesh and blood, in his eyes was a glance of lost hope, abandonment, and defeat. He was without vision; A little girl at nine years of age, was pinned up against a tree†¦her legs apart, and she was covered in things even hell can’t imagine; excrement, urine and blood . . . in her mouth was cold fresh meat, cutRead MoreA Look at the Rwandan Genocide Essay1014 Words   |  5 Pages Thousands of people died. The only reason is because they were a different political party. There are terrible economies. People are suffering and have very little hope. Genocide is the only reason. Everything could have been prevented if genocide didn’t exist. The world basically ignored the genocide and pretended like it never happened because they didn’t want to spend the money. Thousands of people could still be alive if the world stepped up at helped the victims of this horrible crime. RwandaRead MoreThe Rwandan Genocide And The Genocide1654 Words   |  7 PagesSohal/ Mrs. Love Period 3 17 October 2014 The Rwandan Genocide A genocide is defined as the deliberate killing of a group of people, especially of a certain ethnicity. By that definition and almost any other a dictionary could define, the killing of the Tutsis was certainly a genocide.The Rwandan Genocide occurred in 1994, in an African country called Rwanda. A long history of building friction between the Hutus and the Tutsis undeniably caused the mass murder of over 800,000 Tutsis, but various countries’Read MoreThe Death Of Julius Caesar By William Shakespeare And The Rwandan Genocide1637 Words   |  7 PagesJulius Caesar by William Shakespeare and the Rwandan Genocide in 1994. The omens and nightmares in the play foreshadow the death of Julius Caesar that later resulted to chaos in Rome. The events that lead to the assassination of Julius Caesar are predicted by omens from characters such as his wife Calphurnia, the Soothsayer, Artemidorus and from the environment. Similarly, many warnings in the Rwanda history triggered the genocid al slaughter, the Rwandan Genocide. The warnings illustrated tensions betweenRead MoreEssay on Genocide: Examples of Rowanda and Germany885 Words   |  4 Pagesdefinition, genocide is the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation. The Rwandan Genocide was the 1994 mass killing of hundreds of thousands of Rwandas Tutsis and Hutu political moderates by the Hutu dominated government under the Hutu Power ideals. Hutus believed the Tutsi were taking their jobs, and that they were foreigners who had worn out their welcome (Genocide-Rwanda). In comparison to Germany, the largest genocide in history,Read MoreInformative Speech on Rwandan Genocide Outline1300 Words   |  6 PagesBen Johnson Intro to Comm. 1320-04 11/8/12 Rwandan Genocide General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: To share with the class that the Rwandan Genocide was a brutal genocide that most people know little about. Thesis: The Rwandan Genocide is one of the lesser known, quickest, and most inhumane genocides this world has ever seen, and it is still affecting the people of Rwanda till this day. Organizational Pattern: Topical Introduction I. Attention Getter:Read More Genocide in Rwanda Essay1123 Words   |  5 PagesGenocide War is not a necessary evil humans must endure. Although, war is not necessary, humans go to war to try to gain power, fortune, and to spread their particular group’s religions and beliefs. By definition civilization is an advanced state of intellectual, cultural, and material development in human society, marked by progress in the arts and sciences, the extensive use of record-keeping, including writing, and the appearance of complex political and social institutions. The chaos of war

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