Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Untitled (Society Portrait) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Untitled (Society Portrait) - Essay Example On the first gaze at the portrait, it seems that the lady definitely belongs to the aristocratic segment of the society. Lying half–seated on a couch, the lady seems a bit pensive in mood. The color of her skin, hair and eyes indicate that she is European by race. Interestingly, only very few colors are used in the portrait. Yellow, white, grey and shades of brown both deep and light are schematically used in the picture. At the same time, one can argue as that these coolers are building a theme for the portrait of the anonymous lady as well. Very interestingly, the background colors are very much different and the painter uses light and dark shades of blue along with tinge and shades of brown over it which is quite well synchronized and chosen deliberately as the color scheme of the portrait is on the lighter and drab side. Use of light is done meticulously throughout the portrait and the lines are so fine that nobody will ever find in determining the mood and gesture of the lady. The couch on the other hand is casted with the hue of red color and here too the use of brown both light and dark shades have been well organized keeping in mind the actual color scheme of the portrait. Taking a gaze at the socio-cultural aspect of the society portrait apart from its technical side, it can be well asserted that the hair style and the kind of wardrobe, the lady is putting up indicates a time frame of early half of the twentieth century. During that time, butterfly sleeves and use of shrugs, stoles and veils were very common. The lady is also putting up a necklace made of some yellow beads; the choice of simple yet exquisite jewelry in terms of both the necklace and the ear-ring and wristlet on the left hand is showing a mark of classy style. The lady is probably holding her bag or a veil black in color and very interestingly the side of the couch is having dark brown and black hues which is posited parallel to the lady’s black

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