Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Imperialism And The United States Experience During...

During World War One, the United States encountered many challenges, affecting America and Foreign Nations and their respective populations. Imperialism, economic expansion and industrialization impacted the United States’ experience during World War One. Americans were forced to recognize their strengths and weaknesses internally and externally. Imperialism is defined as a policy or practice by which a country increases its power by gaining control over other areas of the world . Prior to United States engagement in World War One, imperialism, infectiously occupied the world. In Europe, four great imperial powers existed, the German, Russian, Austrian-Hungarian and Ottoman . Each of these empires were struggling to exert authority over†¦show more content†¦Americans began to question their own imperialistic values within. At the same time, they were questioning the imperialism abroad and how, if at all it would affect them directly. Initially, the United States remained unconcerned and involved keeping their distance. A national foreign policy of neutrality reflected America’s inward looking focus on construction and management of its new powerful industrial economy but in large part with foreign capital . However, as conflict progressed in Europe, it became apparent that the threat to America’s intere st was conceivably imminent and in need of immediate intervention and oversight. President Wilson believed an imminent German victory would drastically and dangerously alter the balance of power in Europe . The United States decided the time had come to intercede and for the better of their country. The United States exerted itself in the service of American interest around the world . Moreover, the Unites States expanded upon a long history of exploration, trade, and cultural exchange to practice something new that looked much like an empire . World War 1 allowed for economic expansion. The need to acquire and maintain foreign territory for America’s special interest remained as a priority and the goals were set. With the war progressing, America’s exports were threatened. The United States had long been involved in Pacific commerce with American ships traveling to China since

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