Sunday, November 3, 2019

Identify the methods organizations employ to improve productivity and Essay

Identify the methods organizations employ to improve productivity and quality - Essay Example After extensive research, the researcher found that multiple lapses in service delivery were the root causes of the long queues especially at the cafeteria. Some of the causes include: The number of students getting into college every year has gone beyond the recommended capacity. This large number puts pressure of the available college resources. For example, the long queues at the cafeteria are partly contributed by the little serving space and few catering team who often struggle to serve a large number of students every meal time. In an effort to combat this nuisance, the college administration needs to extend the size of the serving halls and increase the catering team to match the large number of students who join the college every year. If this solution is not possible then they can control the number of admissions so as to ensure that those enrolled get the best services possible. Bearing in mind the large entrance of students into college every year, the current manual system of serving has proved impractical and tedious for the catering team International (Labor Office., & International Labor Conference, 2008). The college administrators ought to change this system by coming up with a method that will cater for the needs of all students. For instance, they could adopt self-service or table system which will by far minimize the long queues at the cafeteria. Apart from scrubbing the manual system of serving, the payment process also used contributes to long queues at the cafeteria (Griffin, 2007). Currently, payments are done at the entrance just before the serving points. The present system causes interruptions forcing students to line up in order to receive services. This can be corrected by completely separating the payment point from the cafeteria. In addition, the college administrators could adopt the electronic payment system where students can pay for meals by means of electronic meal cards. In response to this initiative, the college could

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