Monday, July 22, 2019

Education and Teachers Essay Example for Free

Education and Teachers Essay Teachers in Taiwan enjoy higher occupational prestige and great job satisfaction.In Germany teachers enjoy teaching. Teachers in China are highly respected. Those within the Indian culture feel that teachers are next to God. American teachers believe that teaching helps societys well-being. Teachers in England are poorly regarded. Teachers are constant companions and they mold student’s personality. They are role models and they motivate the students. However,according to individual experience there are different kinds of teachers some are friendly ,some are strict and others are ideal teachers. The first kind of teachers are friendly teachers. They combine both the guidance of a teacher and the understanding of a friend. Friendly teachers act like philosophers and guides. A friendly teacher helps the students to choose the right path . These teachers are closer to the students and better educators because they understand students needs and help them accordingly. Personality development and positive attitude of the each student is their first priority. Friendly teachers never criticize their students in the class ,and they are always gentle with them. My 8th grade math teacher is the perfect example for this. He was very friendly with us. He used to stay after school to help with our math problems. He used to meet our parents on regular basis. I really enjoyed his teaching methods. He is one of my favorite teachers. So friendly teachers are very important for the students future. The other kinds of teachers are strict teachers. Strict teachers are very tough on students. They dislike any mistakes or carelessness. These kind of teachers have high expectations for their students. Disciplining their students is important for the strict teachers. Students have to be extra cautious about these kinds of teachers. For example, my 6th grade music teacher was very strict. He wanted us to memorize each note. I was nervous when I started that class. I wanted to quit the class because of his strictness. After I realized that he was just helping me through tough times, I admired him. Because of his discipline, I continued the music class. Even though strict teachers are rough sometimes,some students need these kind of teachers. The third kinds of teachers are ideal teachers. Some teachers sacrifice their lives to help the students. They are humble, self -disciplined, helpful, honest ,creative and available to all the students. By respecting the students and giving self confidence to their students, these teachers help the students to become good citizens. They are perfect role models and they also have great hearts. Anne Marie Murphy, 52 is the perfect example for these kinds of teachers. She was a Sandy Hook Elementary teacher who died to protect her students during the shooting. She sacrificed her life for her students. She was the perfect role model. Students who have these kind of ideal teachers are very lucky. Teachers do not all teach same way. Students like their teacher according to their own individual preference. The relationship between teachers and their students is the key element in creating an educational atmosphere that is both pleasant and effective. Teachers are different, however, they all have something in common, and that is the desire to help their students.

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